Jason Duncan and Steve Rohr founded the Rebels Baseball Program in 2015 after realising the need for a player and family driven, affordable, community minded baseball program. One that walked, talked and acted at all times in the best interest of the development of young men. 

The program will at all times do the right thing. With the long term interests of developing 1st High School Baseball players and next College level players while at all times developing 1st class men that will be proud members of the local community. 

This is a great game that can be used to teach and learn many different things about success both on and off the field. We seek to provide that to each of the players in our program. 


As a player/family of our program you pledge to be a positive and active member of the program. Attendance, Dedication and Involvement in the program and it's activities are required items in order to realise success and growth in what we can offer you as a player and our families..   



the REbel Coaches will oversee an annual program that stresses Mental, and physical development both in Baseball and in Life for each player in the program. 


Rebels players  will be given individual and team oriented progress sheets and goals. The player will learn the values of hard work, dedication, commitment, desire and mental fortitude

  • Fundamental training 
  • Position-specific mini-camps 
  • Off-season work out program 
  • At home training programs 
  • Professional quality Individual instruction available to all players 

Over the years 99% of our players have moved onto the high school varsity level and many have gotten the opportunity to play baseball at the collegiate level as well! Hard work and dedicated coaches at each level ensure long term success for Rebels players! 


We pledge to provide a positive player oriented environment that focuses not only on team success but also on the individual development of every player within the program. Realising that each player has different needs and is on a different path that meets at the high school level. 

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