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High School 

The goal of our High School program is to refine the skills that our players have learned throughout the youth program and prepare them to play and succeed at the Varsity High School level and beyond. Further our long history of coaching at the High School level as well as network of Collegiate coaches will ensure that Rebels players are positioned for success in both High School and beyond!  

High School players will compete at the highest local and regional levels and the focus of the program will be geared towards their individual and team development.  Players will be given opportunities to showcase their skill set at appropriate tournaments and exposure work outs in order to prepare for whatever next level the player desires. 

Players at this level will also be expected to help mentor and coach the younger Rebels thru Mini Camp work, mentor days/weekends and guest appearances at each level to help pass along the "Rebel Way" of doing things. Our High School players will also be tasked with community and social development challenges to help in their overall development. 

Our program has talented coaches that have coached youth players at the 7U level on thru young adult and senior level high school players onto the college level and beyond. We will remain committed to bringing the absolute "best" value to the table in regards to both player development and individual opportunity. This will be balanced with fun, family and personal skill and character development. In order to become future leaders on and off of the baseball field!