Our youth program will be comprised of our 7U-13U teams. The focus on these teams  will be on the development of young men and baseball players. We will learn how to play the game of baseball at a high level and learn how to use the lessons on the baseball field for success in school, social, emotional, and other life skills.

Our program will focus equally on development and competition. Not trophy chasing.  We will strive to compete with the very best teams in the local and regional area and are confident in our approach to the development of baseball players, not the recruitment of All-Star players based on false promises and expectations.

Each player in our youth program will receive team and individual focused development programs both during the season and in the off-season for them to follow to help aide in their development as ballplayers.

We will also require  each of our players to submit report cards and have a minimum grade/school requirement in order to play on the team. It is our goal to develop excellent baseball players , students and future leaders in our community.

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